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Organic All Natural Ingeridients.  This Oil will promote healthy hair growth while your hair is resting in your sew-in.  It's recommended you wash your hair every week to 2 weeks while wearing your sewin. You want to oil your scalp with the Grow Oil the night before washday. Put a plastic cap on tie on a scarf and go to bed. Wash and Condition hair the next day.  If you dont want to do the overnight "GreenHouse" than you can sit under a dryer for 30 min. then wash and deep condition. You can also use lightly to oil your scalp if it gets itchy or dry in between wash days.

Whats in our Exclusive Grow Oil:


Coconut Oil

Vitamin C

Vitamin E


Almond Oil

Olive Oil

And other exclusive oils!


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  • "Vicky has always done a great job on my hair. I love the naturally look and I always come back because I know I am going to be taken care of and she is always going to do a grea..."
    Love my hair!!!

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Exclusive Beauty - Hair Weaving Expert

Exclusive Beauty - Hair Weaving Expert

Exclusive Beautys mission is to enhance our clients outer beauty so that her inner beauty illuminates her community.

Get that gorgeous, classy, & respectable weave with a natural flow!


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